About Us

Hi, I am Giselle Mosley

I want to begin this conversation telling you a little about my passion for T-shirts. In 2006 I became obsessed with the messages written on T-shirts across the globe. I had done a lot research attempting to find an idea which would fit my personality traits. I previously launch several T-shirt businesses but I was lacking the love for the brands I had created. I wanted to create something unique, meaningful where I could speak up through words and designs. I could give you a story of how magical Girls Berry Beautiful was created but it wouldn’t be the truth. The truth is I was simply looking for hashtags and I came across to “Girls VERY beautiful” instead, immediately my mind changed the very to Berry and I begin to create phrases bringing to life my sweet collection. My dream is to rank Girlsberrybeautiful among the most wanted T-shirts brands in the world. I will ask you to please give your input and carefully watch my progress. I want to thank you in advance to everyone who chooses to embark on this journey with me.